KRG Projesi

Where: North Iraq Erbil Prime Ministry Building

What: 3PCS RP 815 Model Generator set, 745 kVA Prime powered by a Perkins 4006C-23TAG2A Engine and Synchronization System.

Purpose; To provide backup to the grid power supply required by the building for the functioning of lightning, air canditions, litfts and all pumps during the 12 opening hours daily, and also after-hours emergency signage and lightning requirements.

Primary Choice Factors; Reliablity of product, impressive travk record with client, low noise levels.

Erbil, North Iraq – 3 x 745kVA prime powered with Perkins 4006-TAG2A engine and Stamford alternator The Powerhouse Power Generation sets indiviually housed in enclosure.

TPH’s Scope of supplu included the Supply and installation of the generating sets including sound proof canopy, automativ fuel filling system, 200kW dummy load for less load operation, main and base mounted daily fuel tanks, remote monitoring and control system.

For automatic synhronising, load sharing and load management control system incorporated Deepsea 8610&8860 Control System with 3200A common bus